Top 15 Minute Sixpack Workout

If you want a sixpack, the key to getting a lean and defined midsection is a sixpack workout. Your abdominal muscles will need lots of exercise to get defined and sculpted, and building muscle will increase your metabolism, which means more calories burned. A good sixpack workout is one that involves a lot of upper body work. There are several exercises that you can do to get a toned midsection, but the most effective is a combination of exercises.

The best ab workouts are focused on working the rectus abdominis, external obliques, and obliques. Using a variety of weights, you can get a sixpack and lose the fat on your midsection fast. Performing these exercises will ensure that you get a defined and firm midsection without a lot of effort. You can also do hanging supersets to get the same result as a traditional sit-up, but without the bulk.

The first sixpack workout you should try is the captain’s chair leg raise. This involves raising your pelvis toward your chest while flexing your lower back. This will help you target your abs while sculpting your midsection. As a bonus, you’ll get a ripped washboard stomach without doing much work! If you want to get a lean, flat stomach, make sure you train your core regularly. However, remember that you can’t simply do sit-ups and hope to see results. You should do a full-body HIIT workout and light cardio to burn even more fat and show the sixpack you already have ready to emerge!

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