Top Exercises For a Sixpack

To get a six-pack, you need a strong core from front to back. While a good workout will target your core muscles, it’s also important to get lean and firm. If you don’t begin your training by getting lean, you’ll never see your abs. And if you’re not lean, you’ll never have a six-pack. You’ll need to lose belly fat before you can start training your abs.

One of the best six pack exercises involves performing pull-ups. You need to use a pull-up bar that can support your body weight. For the best results, start by leaning back and keeping your arms straight. Keeping your knees bent, cross your feet, and your abs engaged. For a full workout, you should do at least five sets of five reps of each exercise.

If you’d like to get a six pack, you need to eat a high-protein meal before starting your workout. You can use protein powder mixed with fruit or oats. You can also make a protein shake or combine some of the ingredients in a smoothie. You can even blend your protein powder with chicken salad, vegetables, brown rice, or a banana.

The extended plank is an effective six pack workout that targets the upper portion of the rectus abdominis. Unlike traditional planks, this exercise requires continuous engagement of your abdominal muscles while you lift and lower your legs. The extended plank is an effective full body exercise. Doing two or three sets of twenty repetitions in a row will give you a toned stomach and a defined midsection. Besides, this exercise also increases your body’s metabolic rate, so it’s a good choice for burning off excess fat.